The Magnificent Tree by Nick Bland

Today we read “The Magnificent Tree”. Last week we discussed the fact that Nick Bland was both the author and illustrator of “The Wrong Book”.  We couldn’t believe how talented he was to be able to write the story AND draw the pictures.  Today we noticed that there were two names on the front cover of “The Magnificent Tree” and that Nick had teamed up with the very talented Michael Stephen King to create this delightful book.

The Magnificent Tree is a simple story with many delicate layers.  It captures the wonderful relationship between Bonny and Pop who “were always bursting with ideas.” One day they decide to build a tree to encourage their beloved birds to stay.

Whilst Bonny’s ideas “were simple and clever”, Pop’s ideas “were big, brave and brilliant.” The Magnificent Tree demonstrates how two very different solutions to the same problems can word equally well.

After reading the story we created our own ‘Magnificent Trees’. Aren’t they gorgeous….





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3 thoughts on “The Magnificent Tree by Nick Bland

  1. These look great! I am wondering if you did other reading and writing activities as well as making the trees? I am looking for something to add to my lesson using this book and a bit stuck for ideas.

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