Amelia Ellicott’s Garden

Amelia Ellicot lives with her cat Mustafah, next door to a block of flats.  She is proud of her garden and her chickens, but she has no one to share them with…..Until one day a storm destroys it all and Amelia discovers the value of friendship.

This is a beautiful, simple story of community and the importance of other people in our lives.  It illustrates perfectly the joy we can bring to others with a little thought and courage to reach out to each other.

We found out today that Stephen Michael King has illustrated many books for different authors.  Amelia Ellicott’s Garden is one of them.  It is written by Liliana Stafford and the interaction between her words and Stephen’s pictures is spot on.  Stephen’s illustrations are wonderfully expressive and very unique to him. We are beginning to recognise his work and get excited when we see his name on the front cover of a book.

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