Henry and Amy

Henry always felt out of step with the world around him.  When everyone looked up, he looked down.  If he thought it was going to be a sunny day, it usually rained.  Amy could do everything right, she never tied her shoelaces together, or forgot her umbrella.  Amy showed Henry everything she knew, but deep down she wished she didn’t always have to be so perfect.  So Henry showed Amy how to dress funny and roll down the hills sideways.  Together, they could be serious or silly, right-way-round or upside down.  As long as they were together they could do anything!

This story reminded us of a couple of other books we have read in the library – The Pros and Cons of Being a Frog and Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley.  All of these stories illustrate perfectly the importance and value of friendship and how by being with people who see the world differently to us, we can gain a broader view of all our world has to offer.- a good lesson for all of us!

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