Mrs Brough’s Favourite – Incy Wincy Spider by Kate Toms

incy wincy

This week we got to share Mrs Brough’s favourite book.  At first we were a bit skeptical because we thought it was just going to be the song.  However the very creative authour/illustrator takes the song and turns it into a story.  It begins with the traditional verse and then weaves a story about the intrepid little spider and how he finally conquers the spout. It is a book about problem solving and determination which makes it a great starting point for some important lessons.  Thank you Mrs Brough for introducing us to this lovely little book.

After reading the story we created our own Incy Wincey Spiders.  Drawing the web proved to be quite challenging, but we got there in the end…..

Photo 13-05-2014 9 51 31 am

Photo 13-05-2014 9 54 12 am

Here we are working hard on our spiders….

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