Ms McLeod’s Favourite – Put Me in the Zoo by Robert Lopshire


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This week it was Ms McLeod’s turn to share her favourite book. She chose “Put Me in the Zoo” because she has fond memories of reading it to her children when they were young. It is part of the “I Can Read It All By Myself” Beginner Books series which is edited by Dr Seuss (another reason why Ms McLeod loves it so much!).
It is a story about an animal (we think it’s a leopard) who thinks he deserves to be in the zoo with all of the other amazing animals. To earn a place in the zoo he shows two young friends all the exciting things he can do with his spots. He can change their colours, juggle them and he can also move them onto everything around him. You won’t believe what Spot can do. Robert Lopshire’s lively tale proves that there is a special spot for everyone.

The grade twos were a little concerned that he was never going to get a place in the zoo, however, they were more than happy with the outcome.

After reading the story we created our very own “Spotty Leopards” using buttons for the spots……

Photo 20-05-2014 10 00 49 am

Photo 20-05-2014 9 58 09 am

Photo 20-05-2014 10 02 32 am


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