Vicky’s Favourite – If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

downloadWe all know that Vicky loves to cook so it is no surprise to us that “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” is one of her favourite books.

Giving a mouse a cookie sounds quite simple, but the mouse in Laura Numeroff’s creative tale is quite complex.  You might even say he is high maintenance!  A nice young boy invites the mouse into his house for a cookie and finds himself indulging the mouse in series of connected requests beginning with a glass of milk and then a straw.  The requests lead us through a chain of events that includes, among many things, a hair cut, a house cleaning spree and a colouring session, returning us to the fridge where the mouse requests a second glass of milk and of course…….a cookie!

Thank you for sharing this gem of a book with us Vicky. With it’s simple text, clever chain of events and beautifully detailed illustrations,  I think it is going to be a favourite in the Oatlands community for many years to come!

After reading this delightful story we re created one of the pages from the book…….

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