Mrs Shave’s Favourite – A Pocket for Corduroy

A Pocket for CorduroyAfter finding a home with Lisa, Corduroy the bear thinks he has everything he needs.  But a trip to the laundry with Lisa and her mother makes the lovable bear realize something very important is missing.  No self-respecting bear should be without a pocket! So while Lisa helps her mother, Corduroy slips out to begin his search in this strange new place.

This is the charming follow up to the original Corduroy.  In the first book we see him searching for a button and this time he is on the look out for a pocket.  With all of this wandering off it seems that this little guy is in need of a good tailor or a babysitter!

Mrs Shave planned an adorable follow up activity for her favourite book.  It required us to give the scissors a good workout, however, the end result was well worth the effort……

How cute are they…..

Photo 3-06-2014 12 30 04 pm

Photo 3-06-2014 12 30 39 pm

Photo 3-06-2014 12 31 11 pm



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