Parachute by Danny Parker

This weeks shortlisted book is Parachute by Danny Parker and Matt Ottley….



Toby is an anxious child.  He takes his parachute everywhere with him just in case he falls.  Terrors surround him everywhere he goes and he finds comfort in his safety net, until one day he uses it to help someone else and he learns that he can be brave on his own.

This is a sweet story that can be used as a tool to discuss fears and uncertainties with children.  We talked about all the things we relied on when we were younger to reassure us and make us feel secure.  A lot of us had security blankets, affectionately called ‘blankies’.  Some of us had teddies or special toys.  Dummies were even mentioned. It was comforting to share some of the insecurities we had as young children and to also see that we do outgrow these fears over time.

After sharing the stories we re created one of the pages in the book using crayons and water colours….

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