The Swap by Jan Ormerod


When a baby is born, little brothers and sisters are not always enthusiastic about the new arrival.  Such is the case with Caroline Crocodile. Her baby brother is smelly, dribbles, is no fun and takes up all the room on his mum’s lap.  So, one day, while waiting for her mum to come back from the hat shop, Caroline decides to swap her baby brother at the baby shop nearby.  The shop assistant obliges, offering Caroline a cuddly panda baby instead.  Caroline is delighted.  She takes the panda to brunch but he ends up eating the bamboo table and chairs.  Caroline takes the panda back to the shop and trades him for a baby elephant.  However, the elephant proves to be ‘too squirty’ for Caroline so she makes another trip back to the baby shop.  Things continue to go awry for Caroline when she finally realises something special about her real baby brother.

The grade twos were totally immersed in this story and could relate to the emotions that poor old Caroline was experiencing.  They understood why Caroline took action in the way she did but were very relieved when she decided to keep her baby brother.

This is  a warm, funny book with divine, retro like illustrations.  I think it will poll very well in the votes next week.


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