Introducing Julia Donaldson…….

Today we began our author study of Julia Donaldson. Julia is the outrageously talented, prize winning author of some of the world’s best loved children’s books. Her first picture book, A Squash and a Squeeze, was published over twenty years ago, and since then she has written over 160 books. We are lucky to have a number of her books in our library. We look forward to sharing some of those with you over the next 10 weeks.
We kicked off our author study with one of Julia Donaldson’s most loved picture story books, The Gruffalo……

The Gruffalo is about a cheeky and confident little mouse who defends himself from an array of predators, whilst walking through ‘a deep, dark wood’. He defends himself through words rather than violence. He does this by outsmarting the naive predators by claiming that he is about to meet a ‘Gruffalo’, a mythical beast. The mouse frightens the predators by giving them vivid descriptions of the beast – ironically, the mouse does meet the ‘Gruffalo’ and outwits him too.
Although most of us were already familiar with this story, it was just as enjoyable the second (and in some cases, third and fourth) time around.
After sharing the story we began to create our own ‘Gruffalo’. There are a number of processes involved in this activity and we didn’t get through them all today. We look forward to sharing the finished project with you next week.
Here we are busy cutting out our Gruffalos….


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