The Singing Mermaid

the singing mermaidWhen we first introduced this book to the grade twos the boys took one look at the cover and rolled their eyes.  However, two pages in and they were hooked!

The story begins with the beautiful mermaid singing to all of her friends in Silversands Bay.  One day she is heard by a Circus owner (Sam Sly) who lures her away with promises of a marble pool and the chance to sleep in a feather bed.  Her friends try to warn her that he is lying but she goes anyway.   Despite making new friends at the circus, she is desperately unhappy because she is kept in a small fish tank with no room to swim.  She longs to return to her home, but how can she possibly get there when she has no legs to carry her?

The solution to this problem is just gorgeous.  I’m not going to tell you what happens, you will have to read the book.

After reading the story we created our own mermaids using sparkly sequins for her tail.  They look amazing……

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