Science FUN…soap in the microwave

Just like George from ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ we wanted to have some science fun too. Our first experiment and fun trick involved a bar of ivory soap and a microwave.

So what happens when you put a bar of soap in the microwave? Something strange that’s for sure. The soap expands into a foam that is more than six times the size of the original soap bar.

ivory soap explosion

The soap heats up, softening, and heating the water and air inside it. The air expands inside the soap, pushing it out and making it foamy. The soap is now brittle and flaky but it is still soap, putting it in the microwave causes a physical change but there is no chemical reaction.


To watch what happens you can go to:

It can be a bad idea to put things other than food and drink in a microwave, but this is a fun trick that won’t hurt either your microwave or the soap. The only thing is you need to make sure you get the right soap, it needs to be Ivory soap. We got ours from Costco.

This photos shows you how engaged all the grade twos were with activity. Something so simple caused all sorts of excitement and smiles…

Photo 23-04-2015 2 17 38 pm





For the iPad activity this week, the grade twos had to take photos through the soap experiment to show the four different stages. These photos were then used in a strip designer to produce a poster of today’s activity. Here’s just two samples of their work, hopefully everyone took their work home to show you what we have been up to 🙂

Photo 23-04-2015 2 51 22 pm Photo 23-04-2015 1 55 33 pm

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6 thoughts on “Science FUN…soap in the microwave

  1. Dear Mrs Brough,
    That looks like fun to do.Do you need to use a special type of soap or any soap?
    From Sophia 4SW

  2. Dear Broughy,
    That looks amazing! It looks like great fun too. Was the soap very soft when it expanded?
    From Michaelq

  3. Dear Broughy,

    It must of been cool to seen soap exploded.
    Did you enjoy it?

    From the one and only JJ

  4. Dear Broughy,

    That soap explosion was amazing even those I wasn’t there it looked awesome. How did you do that I mean wow 🙂 ?
    From Alana

  5. Dear Brough
    I like that idea it looks awesome
    What were the ingredients?
    From Ryder

  6. To Broughy,

    It’s amazing what soap looks like once you put it in the microwave. I really like the photos and posters you put in that post. Can you still use the soap for washing once it’s been in the microwave?


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