Creating medicine bottles…

Photo 22-04-2015 2 33 10 pm

It’s the start of assessment again for the Grade Twos. This week and next week they will be given the chance to show us what they have learnt to do with the app ‘strip designer.’ This week we modelled everything we have learnt about the app and next week there will just be a list of instructions for them to follow.

The Grade twos weren’t exactly happy with us when we told them we weren’t reading ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ this week. You should of heard the groans… You see we are at a very exciting stage where Grandma is about to drink the medicine George has made!

George’s Marvellous Medicine continues to inspire us. We created our own medicine bottles full of colourful pills. This is only part one of the activity and our imagination is needed to complete part two.

We do have some inspiration to help them though… ssh its a secret 😉

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