Grandma gets George’s Marvellous Medicine…

As you can see the students were captivated and didn’t want me to stop reading!

Photo 16-04-2015 9 37 40 am

As George removed the cork and began very slowly to pour the thick brown stuff into the spoon, he couldn’t help thinking back upon all the mad and marvellous things that had gone into the making of this crazy stuff – the shaving soap, the hair remover, the dandruff cure, the automatic washing machine powder, the flea powder for dogs, the shoe polish, the black pepper, the horseradish sauce and all the rest of them, not to mention the powerful animal pills and powders and liquids…and the brown point.

‘Open your mouth wide, Grandma,’ he said ‘and I’ll pop it in.’ ‘Here we go!’ George cried out. ‘Swallow it down!’ He pushed the spoon well into her mouth and tipped the mixture down her throat. Then he stepped back to watch the result.

It was worth watching… and these were only some of the things Grandma did!

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