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Keynote – it’s a free app unless your iPad is pre September 2013 then it cost $12.99

We are now learning how to use Keynote. It’s a presentation app that allows you to add photos, text, transitions, animation and video.



The grade twos were very excited to get started. We ran through a few of the basic things just to get them started…

Here’s the things we covered:

  • creating a presentation
  • choosing a theme
  • adding new slides
  • choosing different layouts
  • reordering and deleting slides
  • adding pictures from the camera roll
  • selecting pictures, cropping and changing their size
  • formatting pictures with the paintbrush – changing style, style options, borders, colour, width and line
  • adding text
  • formatting text with the paintbrush – size, colour and font
  • formatting text boxes with the paintbrush – changing style, fill and border with colour, width and line
  • saving presentations

I know this sounds like a lot but we will be revising all of these skills over the next coming weeks. We’ll do this through a step by step program to help the grade twos gain a better understanding of Keynote and gain the confidence to be able to create their own presentations next term.

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