Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley

pearl barley and charlie parsley book coverPearl Barley and Charlie Parsley by Aaron Blabey

Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley are the best of friends, but couldn’t be more different if they tried. While Pearl Barley is loud and boisterous and talkative, Charlie Parsley is quiet and shy and likes to sit and ponder. While Pearl likes to take risks and solve mysteries, Charlie likes to take baths and watch his garden grow.

They are opposite in almost every way, but these differences help them to appreciate and look after each other.

You see, when Pearl needs a rest from her busy, loud life, Charlie is there to bring her a mug of warm milk in bed with his ‘lovely bedside manner’. And when Charlie is feeling down, Pearl uses her crazy antics to cheer him up.

This book is not only a beautifully written, easy to read, it’s a fun, loving story, with engaging characters that are easy to identify with. It is great to read to young children as a starting point for talks about different personalities and how to be kind and look after each other, how to celebrate differences and allow ourselves to be exactly who we are, knowing that our true friends will always be there for us.

After reading the story we created a venn diagram showing how Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley are different but still have some qualities that are the same.

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We then got the grade twos to pair up and create a venn diagram with their partner showing the things they have in common and things they like that are different. There was lots of discussion and laughter as the pairs drew and wrote on their venn diagram. It was a great sharing activity and a way to get to know each other better.

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