Thelma the Unicorn

thelma-the-unicornThelma the Unicorn by Aaron Blabey

Thelma the beige pony is sad. More than anything in life, she wants to be a unicorn. A ‘pink’ unicorn with ‘sparkles.’

Ottis the donkey likes her just the way she is, but thelma isn’t swayed. She ties a carrot to the top of her nose and hopes against hope that maybe one day, she’ll be pink and sparkly. Sometimes you get what you want wish for and miracles can truly happen.

When a freak accident makes Thelma’s unlikely wish come true, she can never imagine how quickly a horse’s life can change… Thelma quickly rises to fame, but does she really want all the intention? Or would she be happier as her old self again?

Thelma the unicorn is about just being yourself because that’s the best thing you can be. Your real friends will accept you just as you are, imperfections and all. It takes Thelma a little while to discover this, as she finds that pretending to be something that she is not isn’t easy and it isn’t necessarily fulfilling either.

After listening to Aaron Blabey read his book Thelma the Unicorn we got very creative and drew our own unicorns. To help us we had a step by step instruction sheet. To create our version of Thelma we sketched, outlined, used water coloured pencils, glitter sequins and sparkles.

Photo 3-09-2015 1 37 22 pm

We have some very talented artists in grade two! Here’s a few samples of Thelma pretending to be a unicorn and Thelma after her wish came true…

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