The Little Refugee…

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This week we reread ‘The Little Refugee’ and discussed some of the feelings Anh Do may have felt growing up in Vietnam, travelling by boat to Australia, starting at a new school, finding friends and becoming class captain. The grade twos impressed us immensely with the list of ‘feeling’ words they were able to come up with. This true story has left an impression on our grade twos…


Here’s just some of the words they used… poor, grateful, happy, playful, positive, hopeful, thankful, scared, worried, terrified, negative, afraid, nervous, frightened, hungry, thirsty, shy, sad, different, miserable, teased, bullied, anxious, nervous, strange, embarrassed, heart broken, lonely, awkward, disappointed, kind, polite, confident, amazed, friendly, cheerful, funny, enthusiastic, excited and proud.

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