Bee Bot Mazes – Take Two

Today saw the grade twos take on the bee bot maze making challenge for the second time. After discussing the design process – idea, design, build and test and the problems some of us encountered last week…

  • not agreeing
  • arguing
  • running out of materials
  • not finishing
  • no teamwork
  • not sharing
  • not co-operating
  • over programming the bee-bot
  • constructed all the maze without testing
  • not testing

The grade twos set about creating a maze for their bee-bot that had two left hand turns, two right hand turns and two bridges to go underneath. There was to be no fancy building this week until the bee-bot travelled from the start of the maze to the end. Materials were limited and there needed to be at least five coding tests as the mazes were built.

Photo 5-11-2015 12 13 19 pm

The noise level wasn’t as loud this week…each team worked together, discussed moves, tested as they went, rebuilt, added coding instructions as they worked towards achieving a result. Not everyone got the chance to use the fancy materials but most groups produced a maze and coded a bee-bot to move around it. A far higher success rate than last week. The excitement was still there as they cheered their bee-bot to make it to the finish 🙂

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