WeirDo 2 – Even Weirder

Photo 6-09-2015 1 52 08 pmWeirDo2 – Even Weirder…

Weir’s back and even weirder! But it’s not just Weir who’s weird, it’s his whole family. Not even their pet bird is normal! How will he keep cool with a school trip to the zoo coming up AND Bella’s birthday party? It won’t be easy-but it will be funny!

Anh Do continues WeirDo 2 with exactly the same humour as the first the book. The laughs start on the first pages as Weir describes his family’s trip to buy Bella’s present, excessive amounts of toilet roll and itchy bum cream. Of course everything goes wrong or at least not as Weir planned it, though somehow everything wrong turns out right…

It won’t be easy for Weir but but it will be funny!

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