How to Sneak your Monster into School

This week continued our focus on procedural texts by reading How to Sneak your Monster into School by Chris Francis, a story about a boy who explains the very sneaky and funny steps he takes to sneak his giant monster into school.

how to sneak your monster into school

We then followed steps to make our own monster. We were very creative and gave our monsters eyes, tongues, teeth, horns, ears, hair and spots! Some of our monsters were happy and others looked really scary!

IMG_5683 IMG_5684 IMG_5685 IMG_5686 IMG_5688

Below is a digital version of the story, you may like to share it with your family or friends.

Miss Crowther

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One thought on “How to Sneak your Monster into School

  1. So nice to see my story being used in the classroom!!
    ~ Christopher Francis 🙂

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