Origami Cats & Book Creator!

This week in Info Lit, we continued to explore our theme of procedural texts. The last couple of sessions we have looked specifically at procedures for recipes. This week we looked at how a procedure can be used to make an origami cat! Below are the easy steps to follow to create a cute paper cat!

Origamicat3 Origamicat4 Origamicat5 Origamicat6 Origamicat7 Origamicat8

Origami cat

Once we had a practice go with white paper, we all made a good copy using coloured card. We also had to document each step by taking photos, videos or voice recordings. We used this to insert into Book Creator, where we created our own step by step origami cat book. I was really impressed with the very cute and creative cats that were made but guess what? Silly Miss Crowther forgot to take photos of them! I hope everyone who took their cat home was able to share with a mum, dad, brother, sister or grandparent how to make their own origami cat. If you’ve forgotten, then you can use the steps above! Next week we will finish our step by step books and post them to the blog!

*Reference: the original photos and origami cat instructions have been taking from: http://fatmumslim.com.au/diy-easy-cute-origami-cats/ 

Miss Crowther

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