Instructional Books: How to tie your shoelaces

This week week we finished our second last session using Book Creator. We worked with a partner to create a procedural text for the prep students about about how to tie your shoe laces. We watched a few videos for inspiration and to see the different ways that people describe a process. Sometimes people sing songs, sometimes they say a rhyming poem, or sometimes they just explain instructions in easy to follow steps. Below are the videos we watched.


We thought it would be easy to explain how to tie your shoelaces, but it turned out to be quite a challenging process! We included photos, videos, text, shapes, drawings and voice recordings to describe each step needed to tie your shoe laces. We realised that when you have to slow down the process, it can be very difficult to explain! Next week when are books are finalised and published to the iBook store, we will post some examples for you to read!

Miss Crowther

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