Week 1-2: Photo Grid

Welcome back to Term 4! What an exciting and busy term ahead we have planned!

For our first two weeks back we’ll be having an experiment with the app Photo Grid. It’s an extension from Pic Collage which we mastered back in Term 2!

Photo Grid lets you be more creative by inserting photos freestyle, adding borders or frames, backgrounds, stickers, emojis and text.

During Week 1 we read the story Henry and Amy by Steven Michael King. 
Henry always felt out of step with the world around him. When everyone looked up, he looked down. If he thought it was going to be a sunny day, it usually rained. Amy could do everything right, She never tied her shoelaces together, or forgot her umbrella. Amy showed Henry everything she knew, but deep down she wished she didn’t always have to be so perfect. So Henry showed Amy how to dress funny and roll down hills sideways. Together, they could be serious or silly, right-way-round or upside down. As long as they were together they could do anything!

We got to interview a buddy in our class and find out what makes them unique. Then we used Photo Grid to create a shared grid that included photos of us!


During Week 2 we read the story What Does it Mean to be Green? By Rana DiOrio. Drawing on two sides of your paper instead of just one. Walking to the park instead of getting a lift. Turning off the water while you brush your teeth. A young boy and girl explore all the different ways they can be Green over the course of a day. They discover lots of amazing facts (like our food travels an average of 1,500 miles to be on our plate!) and realise there’s so much they—and we—can do to save our world!

We learnt how to save images from a Google to search and insert them into our Photo Grid. We created grids about what you can do to be environmentally friendly.



Next week we move onto coding!

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