Weeks 3 + 4: Hello Ruby – An Introduction to Coding


This week we met Ruby, a small girl with a huge imagination! In Ruby’s world, anything is possible if you set your mind to it. As Ruby embarks on her adventure to find gems her day has left for her, we are introduced through storytelling to the basic concepts of coding including: data structures, patterns, algorithms, code, computational thinking, debugging, loops and sequences.

We have also been investigating code through Kodable, which teaches the basics of computer programming in a fun and engaging way!


We learnt how to write lines of code!
We even recognised patterns and created loops of code!img_6555

We also used BeeBots to program robots in real life! We practised our left and right turns and recognised patterns to create loops!

img_6915 img_6918

Next week we’ll find out if Ruby can find the rest of the hidden gems. We’ll also keep exploring code on the iPad and BeeBots!

Miss Crowther

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