Offline and Online coding

This week we finished Hello Ruby and revisited the concepts of coding we introduced over the last two weeks – programming, directions and loops.

We spent time pretending to be robots and programming each other! Our partner had to program us to create a cup tower using only directional language such as “pick up cup, move cup to the left of the first cup and put down cup.” We found this both very funny and challenging! However, once we got the hang of it, we were pretty good at it! We realised that we could use loops and instruct our robot partner to repeat a step if we needed to.

img_7019 img_7020 img_7029

We continued working with the BeeBots and this time created pathways for them to follow. This was a bit tricky as it was a two step process – create the pathway and estimate directions for the BeeBot to follow. We sure are loving working with the BeeBots!

img_7030 img_7036

Next week we’ll investigate the BeeBot yellow app on the iPad as well as the BeeBot mats.

Miss Crowther

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