Term 2 Assessment

This week our year twos were assessed to see how far they have come in Info Lit this semester. 
The children had to use Drawing Pad, the Camera App, and Pic Kids to create a piece of work. They then needed to upload it using Web Dav Nav+ and Print their work. And they had to do all of this independently! Our year twos did an amazing job!

Take a look at some of their creations:

Well done kids! 

Medicine Bottles

This week the year twos had some fun making medicine bottles with some coloured pills inside. We got creative writing down what each coloured pill would do. Have a look a our work!

We’ve been having so much fun with all our George’s Marvellous Medicine activities!

Exploding Soap

Whilst reading George’s Marvellous Medicine, we discovered that George was quite a scientist concocting a special position for his grandma.

So we thought we would do an experiment of our own. Have you ever wondered what happens to soap when you put it in the microwave? Well wonder no more:

It EXPLODES!! Our year twos had a great time with this experiment. Look at their faces when they saw the result: 

We used the Strip Design App to record our work.

Great work year twos!

Camera App and Pic Collage Skills

Our year twos had a fabulous time this week learning about taking photos with the Camera app and revising Pic Collage.  We learned how to take good quality photos with the camera, and we went outside to take four photos.  We needed a selfie, a close up, a group shot and a wide angle shot.  When we had taken our four photos, we had to put them into a Pic Collage and label them.  We saved our Pic Collages with WebDavNav+, which the year two students are very good at doing!  Take a look at some of our work:

img_1783.jpg img_1784.jpg img_1785.jpg img_1787.jpg img_1790.jpg


Info Lit 2016

Welcome to Info Lit 2016 year twos!  We are going to have lots of fun in the library this year 🙂

We started off the year by introducing the students to the Aussie Nibbles chapter book collection.  We have been reading Fairy Bread by Ursula Duborsarsky.


Well you cn’t read a book about fairy bread without making your own fairy bread and eating it!


Of course, we had to use the Drawing Pad app on the iPads to draw a picture of our fairy bread too:


The year twos have had a great time in the library so far this year!  Keep it up….