WeirDo likes frogs, they are his favourite. He has frog underwear, he wants to dress up as a frog for a fancy dress party and on a trip to the Zoo he finds himself lost right outside the frog exhibit. He even buys a frog necklace for the seventh best looking girl in his class – Bella. Frogs are just his thing…

So with this in mind the grade twos set about creating their own frogs from paper. Here’s some of the very cute frogs…

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Drawing WeirDo…

This week we set the grade twos the challenge of drawing WeirDo. Of course there were a few students who doubted themselves but the results were amazing. We spoke about how each cartoon of WeirDo would look different as everyone adds their own style or quirkiness to a drawing. Take a look for yourself…

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WeirDo 2 – Even Weirder

Photo 6-09-2015 1 52 08 pmWeirDo2 – Even Weirder…

Weir’s back and even weirder! But it’s not just Weir who’s weird, it’s his whole family. Not even their pet bird is normal! How will he keep cool with a school trip to the zoo coming up AND Bella’s birthday party? It won’t be easy-but it will be funny!

Anh Do continues WeirDo 2 with exactly the same humour as the first the book. The laughs start on the first pages as Weir describes his family’s trip to buy Bella’s present, excessive amounts of toilet roll and itchy bum cream. Of course everything goes wrong or at least not as Weir planned it, though somehow everything wrong turns out right…

It won’t be easy for Weir but but it will be funny!

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The Little Refugee…

Photo 6-09-2015 2 16 35 pm

This week we reread ‘The Little Refugee’ and discussed some of the feelings Anh Do may have felt growing up in Vietnam, travelling by boat to Australia, starting at a new school, finding friends and becoming class captain. The grade twos impressed us immensely with the list of ‘feeling’ words they were able to come up with. This true story has left an impression on our grade twos…


Here’s just some of the words they used… poor, grateful, happy, playful, positive, hopeful, thankful, scared, worried, terrified, negative, afraid, nervous, frightened, hungry, thirsty, shy, sad, different, miserable, teased, bullied, anxious, nervous, strange, embarrassed, heart broken, lonely, awkward, disappointed, kind, polite, confident, amazed, friendly, cheerful, funny, enthusiastic, excited and proud.

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Making Origami Boats

After reading The Little Refugee and learning how Anh Do fled in a boat to Australia the grade twos made their own boats by folding a piece of paper.

Photo 9-09-2015 8 43 14 pm

It was hard for some as there were some tricky folds, but with some patience and help from their classmates everyone was able to make a boat. The good thing is this boat is able to float…at least for a little while. The grade twos were going home to test this theory.

Photo 14-10-2015 8 43 31 am


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The Little Refugee…

The Little Refugee by Anh and Suzanne Do and illustrated by Bruce Whatley

Photo 2-03-2012 8 51 26 am

The Little Refugee was adapted from The Happiest Refugee especially for children. Anh wrote this picture book with his wife Suzanne.

It tells the uplifting and inspiring childhood story of one of Australia’s favourite personalities. The Little Refugee provides a wonderful means of sharing his story with a younger audience and in highlighting the refugee experience.

The simple language and the use of details which children connect with – the fear of being in a leaky boat out at sea, the humour in his younger brother dressed as a girl, the difficulties of making new friends and the pride of being chosen as school captain, tells Anh’s story of escaping Vietnam and growing up in Australia.

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Anh Do

This term we will be reading a few of Anh Do’s books. He is one of Australia’s leading comedians. He has also been on television and in films. His unique and inspirational experience leaving Vietnam as a toddler and growing up in Australia is the subject of his bestselling and award-winning book, The Happiest Refugee.

Photo 14-07-2010, 3 02 18 PM

Anh Do nearly didn’t make it to Australia. His entire family came close to losing their lives as they escaped from war-torn Vietnam in an overcrowded boat. It was a dangerous journey, with murderous pirates and terrifying storms, but they managed to survive. Life in suburban Australia was also hard for a small boy with no English and funny lunches. But there was a loving extended family, lots of friends, and always something to laugh about for Anh, his brother Khoa and their sister Tram. And eventually for a young Anh, who tried hard to see the bright side of life no matter what the difficulty, there was triumph.

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