The grade twos were very excited to browse through the book fair and choose some books to add to their wish lists. Minecraft, Billie B Browne, Roald Dahl, Lego, Frozen and the AFL footy books have been popular choices. We did explain that the lists were only a wish and they may or may not be able to get the books they had selected. It was up to you as their parents to decide…

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The Book Fair is open Monday and Tuesday night this week between 3.30 – 7pm. Maybe we might see you there 🙂

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The BOOKFAIR is coming…

It’s not long until the BOOK FAIR now and to help us get ready the grade twos made a bunch of green leaves to help deck the library out in a jungle theme…WILD ABOUT READING

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Book Fair is open on these nights only:

Monday 15th June from 3.30 to 7.00pm

Tuesday 16th June from 3.30 to 7.00pm

Monday 22nd June from 3.30 to 7.00pm

Tuesday 23rd June from 3.30 to 7.00pm

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