Assessment Time :(


Another Aussie Nibbles Book…

Poor Fish by Jane Godwin is a book written with boys in mind. Three brothers have a fish pond in their backyard and the littlest brother is fascinated by the fish. His favourite words are ‘fishy swim’ which he repeats over and over again… One Saturday before Auskick practice the family find a dead fish in the pond and in their haste to get to footy practice they forget to bury fish. It’s not until later in the day the fish makes an appearance in a most unlikely spot…and lets just say the fishy does swim! And from here the laughter begins 🙂

After reading the very funny Aussie Nibbles book – Poor Fish by Jane Godwin, the grade twos set to work completing the assessment task we had set them.

  • draw a picture to show what happened in ‘Poor Fish’ in Drawing Pad
  • save image to Photos
  • take a photo of the book ‘Poor Fish’ and a selfie using the Camera app
  • Create a PicCollage – add the selfie, book cover and Drawing Pad picture, change the background, add text (name and grade) and save to Photos
  • Navigate WebDAVNav to the correct folder and upload the PicCollage photo with your name and the word fish
  • Go to Photos, select the PicCollage photo and send to printer – making sure the printer is studentcolour and you are only printing one copy
  • Open the printing app and put in the username and password

Here’s a sample of what the grade twos are capable of creating…

We do assessment tasks to help us as much as to help the students. It’s good to see what they have learnt and what we need to continue to revise and work on. We now know can happily move on from the Camera app, Photos, Drawing Pad and Pic Collage. We need to continue revising WebDAVNav and printing as they are proving to a little bit trickier to master. Overall the grade twos have done an amazing job this term!

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Revising the core apps…

After a week of FUN cooking and eating it was time to get back to work…

This week was all about practicing our iPad skills 🙂

Revising what we knew about using the camera app, photos, PicCollage, saving to WebDAVNav and printing. We helped a bit by giving step by step instructions to follow, which meant that everyone was successful.

Next week the instructions will be written on the whiteboard for the grade twos to follow. It isn’t easy negotiating five apps at a time and just to make it more confusing we will be adding another app – Drawing Pad! There’s a lot to remember but we think the grade twos are up to the assessment task…

Good Luck Grade Twos 🙂 🙂

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