When Henry Caught Imaginitis by Nick Bland

Henry is a very serious boy.  His room is always neat and he always buttons his shirt right to the top.  But lately Henry has been having thoughts that don’t make any sense, thoughts about pirates, dragons and rocket ships.  Henry has caught imaginitis – and the only cure is to grow up.  But what should Henry do in the meantime?

The grade twos really enjoyed this story about the creative power of imagination. The illustrations were very similar to ‘A Monster Wrote Me a Letter’ with detailed black and white drawings using touches of colour to highlight Henry’s imaginary thoughts.  We used the story to spark our own imaginations.  We talked about all the silly thoughts that sometimes pop into our heads then used pencil and crayon to illustrate these thoughts.




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The Very Hungry Bear by Nick Bland

Today we read The Very Hungry Bear which is the third book about the delightful and endearing ‘Very Cranky Bear’.

The Very Cranky Bear is back.

He’s been VERY CRANKY,

VERY ITCHY and now he’s


We are all really enjoying Nick Bland’s books this term and The Very Hungry Bear is no exception.  The illustrations are fun and the rhyming text make it perfect for reading aloud.  Bring on the next one……

After sharing the story we went on to make our own Polar Bear.  We were all really excited with the way they turned out.

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The Very Itchy Bear by Nick Bland


Today we enjoyed another book by Nick Bland. This week though, it was a little different. We read The Very Itchy Bear on the iPads. (iTunes $4.49) It was fun!

Bear is bothered by Flea. Flea won’t leave him alone. When Bear finally escapes from Flea, Bear finds himself a little lonely.

During our reading on the iPad, we had to solve a puzzle and find the magic flowers. When we found five flowers, we unlocked the secret game. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone the secret, they’ll have to find out for themselves.

After the story, 2D imagined how it might feel to be bothered by a biting flee. Then we created some annoyed faces using Faces iMake (iTunes $0.99) on the iPads.


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The Magnificent Tree by Nick Bland

Today we read “The Magnificent Tree”. Last week we discussed the fact that Nick Bland was both the author and illustrator of “The Wrong Book”.  We couldn’t believe how talented he was to be able to write the story AND draw the pictures.  Today we noticed that there were two names on the front cover of “The Magnificent Tree” and that Nick had teamed up with the very talented Michael Stephen King to create this delightful book.

The Magnificent Tree is a simple story with many delicate layers.  It captures the wonderful relationship between Bonny and Pop who “were always bursting with ideas.” One day they decide to build a tree to encourage their beloved birds to stay.

Whilst Bonny’s ideas “were simple and clever”, Pop’s ideas “were big, brave and brilliant.” The Magnificent Tree demonstrates how two very different solutions to the same problems can word equally well.

After reading the story we created our own ‘Magnificent Trees’. Aren’t they gorgeous….





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Welcome to Grade 2 Information Literacy 2013

Welcome to our Grade Two students for 2013.  This year, your Info Lit teachers will be Mrs Robertson and Mrs McKee.

We are very excited to be teaching you all and we look forward to a year filled with books, craft and lots of learning on the iPads.

It was great to meet you all today.  We read the first book in our author study for Term One.  We will be enjoying stories from the very talented author/illustrator Nick Bland.  He has written many very entertaining books, including “The Runaway Hug” which won the CBCA Early Childhood Book of the Year Award last year.

Today we read “The Wrong Book.”  Nicholas Ickle is trying to tell a story, but he keeps getting interrupted by characters from other stories – a pirate, a queen, even some monsters!  To get a chance to tell his story, he has to convince the others that they are in the wrong book.

This was a very funny book, despite the fact that Nicholas Ickle was not enjoying himself!  We liked that there were two stories happening.  Did you see the other story in the pictures?

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