Boing! Boing! Boing!

After reading Emily Loves to Bounce we created some of our own bouncy Emily’s.  Have a look at how they bounce off the page…..


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Emily Loves to Bounce

Today we read the first of our Stephen Michael King books. We really enjoyed this playful book and were impressed that Stephen both wrote and illustrated the story. We are looking forward to hearing a different book by this fabulous author each week.

Boing! Emily is full of life.  She’s full of smiles.  But most of all, she’s full of bounce.  On her head, on her toes, on her bottom.  Skipping bounces, springing bounces, singing bounces.  Wherever she may be, you can be sure she’s in the air! This is an energetic book which is just right for the bounce in every child. Boing! Boing! Boing!

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Stephen Michael King

This term we are learning about the wonderfully talented Author/Illustrator Stephen Michael King.  We have read a number of his books in the library this year but are looking forward to exploring some of his other works and hearing about his journey so far.

To find out more about this very talented and creative Australian author you can visit his website


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