Little Cookie Houses

Yes it’s that time again and we are in the kitchen creating something for Christmas…these cute little houses. All you need is Arnotts Nice biscuits, white icing or melted white chocolate (we used chocolate), smarties or m and m’s and little sugar balls.

Photo 31-08-2015 10 23 52 pm

It was a very sticky cooking experience but there were lots of smiles and laughter. Lets hope they make it home for you to see 🙂

Photo 30-11-2015 2 57 56 pm

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Santa’s Everywhere!

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WeirDo likes frogs, they are his favourite. He has frog underwear, he wants to dress up as a frog for a fancy dress party and on a trip to the Zoo he finds himself lost right outside the frog exhibit. He even buys a frog necklace for the seventh best looking girl in his class – Bella. Frogs are just his thing…

So with this in mind the grade twos set about creating their own frogs from paper. Here’s some of the very cute frogs…

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Match Stick Towers

This week we worked together to create towers.

Our goal was to create the tallest free standing tower we could using only 100 match sticks and a ball of play dough.

Tahlia and Johnson  Max Tower

Isabel  brodie match stick tower

Aneshka tower

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Lets learn to ANIMATE…

Photo 16-09-2015 7 05 47 pmAnimation & Drawing by Do Ink is the fun, creative way to make animations on your iPad. The app was designed to be easy for beginners and young animators, With drawing editor you can create background scenes, characters and objects. The composition editor is used to combine your artwork – there is a Do Ink library to choose pictures and backgrounds from as well. Then it’s as easy as saving to the camera roll and sharing your creations with friends, family and classmates. The Animation and Drawing by Do Ink is $7.99 but you can buy it as a bundle with Green Screen by Do Ink for $9.99 

Today’s lesson was about learning how to use the app. We watched the following tutorial and then created our own animation of a buzzing fly.

The grade twos next task was to create an underwater animation with two moving sea creatures. This activity involved the grade twos using the drawing tools in new drawing to personalise their animation.

Create an animated undersea scene

  • Include one swimming fish
  • Include one jiggling octopus

fish1  sea1

Here’s a sneak peak of them hard at work…

The year two children have been very busy creating undersea pictures. Here’s a sample of how clever the grade two’s and Ms McLeod are…

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Drawing WeirDo…

This week we set the grade twos the challenge of drawing WeirDo. Of course there were a few students who doubted themselves but the results were amazing. We spoke about how each cartoon of WeirDo would look different as everyone adds their own style or quirkiness to a drawing. Take a look for yourself…

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WeirDo 2 – Even Weirder

Photo 6-09-2015 1 52 08 pmWeirDo2 – Even Weirder…

Weir’s back and even weirder! But it’s not just Weir who’s weird, it’s his whole family. Not even their pet bird is normal! How will he keep cool with a school trip to the zoo coming up AND Bella’s birthday party? It won’t be easy-but it will be funny!

Anh Do continues WeirDo 2 with exactly the same humour as the first the book. The laughs start on the first pages as Weir describes his family’s trip to buy Bella’s present, excessive amounts of toilet roll and itchy bum cream. Of course everything goes wrong or at least not as Weir planned it, though somehow everything wrong turns out right…

It won’t be easy for Weir but but it will be funny!

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Bee Bot Mazes – Take Two

Today saw the grade twos take on the bee bot maze making challenge for the second time. After discussing the design process – idea, design, build and test and the problems some of us encountered last week…

  • not agreeing
  • arguing
  • running out of materials
  • not finishing
  • no teamwork
  • not sharing
  • not co-operating
  • over programming the bee-bot
  • constructed all the maze without testing
  • not testing

The grade twos set about creating a maze for their bee-bot that had two left hand turns, two right hand turns and two bridges to go underneath. There was to be no fancy building this week until the bee-bot travelled from the start of the maze to the end. Materials were limited and there needed to be at least five coding tests as the mazes were built.

Photo 5-11-2015 12 13 19 pm

The noise level wasn’t as loud this week…each team worked together, discussed moves, tested as they went, rebuilt, added coding instructions as they worked towards achieving a result. Not everyone got the chance to use the fancy materials but most groups produced a maze and coded a bee-bot to move around it. A far higher success rate than last week. The excitement was still there as they cheered their bee-bot to make it to the finish 🙂

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Designing mazes for the bee-bots


The excitement was high as the building began. The grade twos were set the challenge of creating a maze for their bee-bot to travel through. In groups of three they had to work together using the MAB blocks to design a maze of their choice, as long as their bee-bot was able to move through it from start to finish. Some groups completed the task and others got caught up in the construction of their maze. But the activity did create some great teamwork and problem solving…

Take a look at the FUN we had this week!

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Programming the bee-bots…

So much excitement and noise in Information Literacy this week. The grade twos were learning coding through experimentation and play with the bee bots. With the use of mats and coloured cups they had to program the bee bots with certain directions so they started and finished at a certain destinations.

For example starting at the pirate ship, direct the bee bot to the waterfall… The grade twos had to think about which directions to give the bee bot, work out their left from their right and remember to clear the last directions. It was great to listen to their discussions, see how they went about sharing and helping each other out. It’s amazing how these little bee robots create such fantastic learning atmosphere.

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